“I always wanted you to go into space man” by Rosie Glow

by popcouturefashion


So I’ve got even more galaxy print for you today! I can’t get enough of it, even though it’s quite a strange, OTT and difficult to wear trend, I just love it! These amazing galaxy print leggings are from Pilot, who I will be guest blogging for very soon. At only £9.99, they’re an absolute bargain, especially considering they are mighty similar to the Topshop version! Also, how incredible is this top from Pop Couture? The studded trend is one of my favourite things right now, and I love that this top combines it with the peplum trend, giving the smart shape a lot more attitude!

I really like this outfit, but my boyfriend took one look, laughed at me and decided I looked like a spaceman (hence the title of this post)! So maybe this is yet another case of fashion that boys will never understand…spikey studs are a bit of a man repeller after all! What do you think of this look? Do you love galaxy print as much as me?